Durex Durexy  

A sextbot that gives people sex tips and condoms for their better and safer sex.

50% of partners have faked having an orgasm during sex. Durex believes sex should be open, honest and fun, so we decided to give couples the pleasure they deserve. By using data collected from world famous porn stars, we gave step-by-step lessons on how people can give maximum pleasure to their partners.

We created a sexting chat bot called “Durexy.” Durexy is the first of it’s kind AI chatbot that helps people have fun while having sex and ultimately lower the number of faked orgasms around the world. Durexy helps users navigate different types of fore-play, positions, dirty talk, lube types, and of course the types of condoms. When users “finish” their sexting sessions, they are led to redeem a code for condom to test it out in the real world.

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CD: James Kuczynski
AD: Woo Jae Yoon, Marc Park