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IKEA Tittut  [view project]


We sparked children's imagination by giving a tool to further express their imagination and turned their fearful nights into a playful bedtime experience.

We launched THINKMAN, a brand that is dedicated to helping creatives to easily unleash what’s inside them.

THINKMAN Module .01 / .02  [view project]


Kraft You & Me  [view project]


We recruited young families to the brand by bringing Kraft closer to parents’ hearts, showing we are there to help with the products we make.

We hacked Instagram using the ‘Peek & Pop’ feature and transformed Instagram’s iconic grid into a Drum Machine. 

Bacardí Instant Jams  [view project]


Black Friday The Real Deal  [view project]


We hijacked the bold designs of doorbuster adverts from Macy's, Best Buy, and Saks Fifth Avenue, offering New Yorkers to give their loved ones 'a gift with a real purpose' on this holiday; gun control.

We gave couples tips on how to give the maximum pleasure they deserve through sexting.

Durex Durexy  [view project]


Burger King Flame Grillism  [view project]


We allowed millennials to be themselves by creating a religion that they can have a strong faith in; being themselves.

We connected our customers by launching a group voice chat line for the customers put on hold.

Verizon V Lounge  [view project]


Casper Rest In Peace  [view project]


We let our customers to rest in peace by making what we do the best.